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Site to Studio.

Feb 21, 2024

Our guest this week is Ben Shorter, founder and director at B.F.C. Built. Anecdotes from Ben's formative years in Perth, his pivotal move to Melbourne, and his transition into the world of architectural building paint a vivid picture of a man deeply committed to his craft. His dedication is evident as he discusses the integration of sustainable practices into his projects, underscoring not just his passion for building but also his respect for the environment. Ben's story is one of personal growth, navigating the building industry, and the dedication required to found and run a successful construction company.




Site to Studio is a construction industry podcast.

We chat with architects, builders, tradies, suppliers and other industry folk about their stories and journeys.

Recording out of our humble little studio in Clayton, we invite our guests from Site, to Studio.

The show is hosted by Charley Li, owner of Plot Joinery, a Melbourne based architectural joinery business.