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Site to Studio.

May 20, 2024

The world of high-end shopfitting requires a mix of design, execution, and customer relations. It's a space where Nick Karas and his team at Trust Projects have carved out a niche for themselves, orchestrating the creation of spaces for notable clients like Five Guys, Mad Mex and Sushi Jiro. Nick's story, woven with threads of youth, innovation, and a sports team-like ethos, is one of tackling the industry's challenges with a proactive spirit and relentless drive.



Site to Studio is a construction industry podcast. We chat with architects, builders, tradies, suppliers and other industry folk about their stories and journeys. Recording out of our humble little studio in Clayton, we invite our guests from Site, to Studio. The show is hosted by Charley Li, owner of Plot Joinery, a Melbourne based architectural joinery business.